The IFLA DDRS (Document Delivery and Resource Sharing) section occupies a pivotal position within the global network of libraries and institutions engaged in the exchange of resources between libraries and document providers. This section serves as a focal point for emerging trends and advancements, disseminating information on fresh initiatives, conferences, workshops, and collaborative endeavors with international organizations.

ADA University, in conjunction with the IFLA DDRS Standing Committee, is hosting the biennial IFLA Interlending and Document Supply conference.

Under the conference theme, “Global to Local: Diversity & Inclusiveness in Resource Sharing,” the DDRS (Document Delivery and Resource Sharing) would like to challenge the Interlending and document supply community to discuss on how Resource Sharing in the digital and Artificial Intelligence era is promoting diversity and inclusiveness from the global toward the local context.

The Most Recent ILDS Conference 17th IFLA ILDS Conference (2022)