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ADA University

ADA University was established under the decree dated January 13th, 2014, by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The University is a state higher education institution engaged in the delivery of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in addition to the advancement of research.

The University is the legal heir of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) and Information Technologies University. They were merged in January 2014 to establish ADA University.

Founded on March 6, 2006, the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy began offering an Advanced Foreign Service Program to diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil servants in the government, as of January 2007. The Academy launched its first master degree in September 2009, followed by bachelor degrees in September 2011.

Modern Classrooms: Our classrooms are equipped with the cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience, fostering interactive and engaging lectures.

Library and Research Center: Our extensive library is a treasure trove of resources, providing access to books, digital databases, various sources, and research materials to support the studies in order to help to empower the next generation of global leaders.

Science Labs: State-of-the-art science and research laboratories offer hands-on experiences for students pursuing STEM fields.

Student Center: The Student Center features a food court, study spaces, and opportunities for social interaction.

Residential Halls: On-campus housing provides comfortable living spaces, communal kitchens, and a sense of community for our students.

Career Services: We offer career support, including internships, resume assistance, and interview preparation, to help you transition successfully into your professional life.

Health and Counseling Services: Well-being is important. The University offers healthcare and counseling services to support physical and mental health needs of community.

Student Life: The members of university’s diverse community can explore a variety of clubs and organizations catering in any interest, whether it's sports, arts, culture, or community service. ADA University is more than just a place of study and learning, it is a place for personal growth and community engagement.

Explore ADA University:

Next-Generation University Library

ADA University Library stands proudly at the forefront of information delivery, harnessing cutting-edge technology to mold the creation of knowledge and transform the learning and research experiences within the ADA University Community. As a cornerstone support system for both the University and the wider community, ADA University Library plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of global leaders.

Committed to delivering an unparalleled academic experience, we provide access to extensive resources and offer tailored instruction to ensure the optimal utilization of our collections and facilities. Our library takes pride in a growing collection of considerable depth and breadth, addressing the diverse needs of students, faculty, and staff. With a dedicated focus on fulfilling study and research goals, our operations are anchored by a state-of-the-art infrastructure that guarantees the ADA University community efficient access to a comprehensive array of high-quality print and electronic resources.

Covering subjects ranging from international relations, political and economic theory, business, law, and English language teaching and learning, to agriculture and design, our collections continually expand to encompass general education areas. Additionally, ADA University Library provides inviting study and meeting spaces for both university members and visitors alike.

Our sophisticated technological infrastructure solidifies our position as leaders in the field, driving innovation and excellence in information delivery for the benefit of the ADA University community.

Collections and Facilities

  • 47, 000 print collections - 500,000 electronic resources
  • 2 main reading halls
  • 450 seats (group and individual carrels) and soft furniture
  • 40 PC terminal with access to Internet
  • 6 seminar rooms (2 equipped with smart technologies)
  • User Self-Service technology
  • Café